FIOL, Copenhagen: Brilliant Cafe for Morning Coffee, Juice, and Sandwich

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Brilliant Cafe for Morning Coffee, Juice, and Sandwich

When you realize that the caffeine intake you had for that day wasn’t as much as necessary, you make it your mission to get a really good one. And with providence on your side, you’ll probably find this first rate with-it café that I would like to be a shareholder of, assuming I’m Danish. Fiol cafe is all fine and groovy.

Upon entering this corner-placed coffee shop, you’ll notice that you’ve just entered a parallel throwback universe, somewhere in between cool and urbane. Split-floor type of café, turning the second floor into this complete 24 hour 265 go-to hangout lounge you’d most likely prefer if you need to finish reading a book, a school project, or an intimate business meeting with the boss. The theme is chill and jazzy, with vinyl records.

What stands out in this coffee place though, other than its signature coffee choices and faultless sandwiches, are the baristas who are one of the friendliest bunch I’ve met in the whole of Europe. Chatting with them will not only make you feel like you are their long ex-barista partner, but also they’ll make you so comfortable to start your own coffee shop. I’ve learned more than a couple of things from them that day that kept me awake and stirred to start-up something right there and then.

There is no questioning that needs to be done when it comes to their coffee choices and sandwiches. I would gladly falsify my visa just to stay a bit longer and learn from this coffee shop how things are done. My coffee order had its perfectly textured coffee kick, and rich and creamy with a delicious finish. Check out the sandwich? I feel hungry just seeing the photo, true story!

There are only a few coffee places I would wish to come back to and learn from, this one being on the bucket list.

Address: Fiolstrædet 1171 Copenhagen Denmark København K
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 7:30 am – 7:00 pm, Sun – 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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