Denmark Travel: Visiting Denmark for the Very First Time

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Visiting Denmark for the Very First Time

One of the least likely places you’d pick to visit first when you decide to go to Europe would be the Scandinavian countries. Strange as it may sound, the stereotype of near-Antarctica cold weather and North-pole high prices that these countries entail are just not that tempting enough.

So, forgive me if I say that I still find it bizarrely illogical for me to pick Denmark, one of the countries in Scandinavia, as one of the legs in our ruthless family Europe trip.  Even my nuclear family found it a bit odd. As sarcastic as I may sound, yes, this time around, I just blindly followed my gut feel and booked that one-way plane ticket to Copenhagen as part of our travel trip.

In this instance, gut feel can be relied upon, yes. Especially in traveling, you can’t go completely wrong, whether you rely on an itinerary or a spontaneous gut feel. It just brings more learning and experiences that may otherwise be inaccessible by just relying on fear of action. Okay, am I rambling?

Visiting Denmark for the very first time did not break the stereotype of near-Antarctica cold weather and North Pole high prices – both holds true. Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, like Singapore, it can juice up all your travel money for just a few breakfast meals. LOL!

Though to be fair, Denmark deserves the luxury status it bears. There’s something completely enthralling about this nearly 100% ethnic homogeneous country. They are one of the most cultured and courteous people I have ever met in Europe. More that the place, I think people also adds a big plus factor for a place to be really worth liking, and Denmark is one of them. No wonder Hans Christian Andersen got so inspired living here!

Needless to say, my family enjoyed every bit of Copenhagen and Denmark 0 degree cultural experience they acquired. The structures and pastries here are just unbelievable, and living through it for the very first time gives you goose bumps that aren’t frost-made.  

Join me as I ditch all my photo and posts kind of made-for-it travel series on Denmark. Would you get all juiced up to visit a Scandinavian country such as Denmark?

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