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Just like any non-local here in Singapore, I’ve had my fair share of hilariously horrific stories of finding new places to stay. Working here requires to live in some sort of abode. Had my piece of place in residential places, apartments, condominiums, HDB rooms, HDB flats, hotels, hostels. Had several chances to scour websites upon websites, meet ups upon meet ups, negotiations, and questions, and agent talks. Though it’s challenging at times, I can’t complain; I’ll be honest - I think it’s still relatively easier to find a place here in Singapore compared to other neighboring Asian countries. Living an expat life is easier here in Singapore, as they often say…

Now, I really favor this new site that I got introduced to: The couple-owners, husband-and-wife team Rhys and Alyona Arkins of this brilliant site, reached out to share about it, and I personally find the site the easiest condo-search site I’ve used to since circa forever. It’s a Singapore condos listing arranged by commute time, and users can build a favorite lists. Like PropertyGuru or Google, but tailor-fitted for Singapore Condo landscape.

When you finalize your search, you’ll see something like this. Yes, cool, new, and trusted.

Effortlessly use the search function, browse all condos on a map, or browse by region / planning area / subzone. Plus, they even have a blog where you can dig in some fresh information about condo-hunting and Singapore in general. To all my expat friends, and to all the folks who are interested to move here in Singapore, fear-not-on-the-house-hunting, is here.

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