Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh: This is One Legit Reminder Why You Need to Have a Dog

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Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh 

We all know who Hachiko, Lassie, Marley are, and God knows how much this made an impact in all of us wanting to have our own dogs. But there’s also one pup worth knowing: Greyfriars Bobby of Scotland. 

Greyfriars Bobby was this Skye Terrier dog, who became known in 19th-century for supposedly spending fourteen years guarding the grave of his owner, until he died himself. Loyalty award goes to Greyfriars Bobby, yes. This aww-inspiring story is celebrated in Scotland, with books, films, and this prominent commemorative statue. Man, now I miss my dog.

There’s this effigy of Bobby that sits at the corner of Edinburgh's Candle maker Row and George IV Bridge, and is a Category A listed building. Just a few steps away from this spot is the graveyard where you can find a few more memorabilia of Greyfriars Bobby.

Though cemeteries are meant to be haunting, in a good way that is, the graveyard where you will find Bobby has this very beautiful views of the city - this is seriously my (another) favorite hideout in Edinburgh, if I’m looking for some place to ponder.

Graveyard with your dog, come hangout with?

Address: George IV Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1EN United Kingdom


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