Baybeats 2015: Singapore’s Annual Indie Music Fest Featuring New Gig Picks

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Singapore’s annual alternative music fest Annual Indie Music Fest Featuring New Gig Picks 

Ever since my friend Yuji mentioned about the Baybeats performance they had not so long ago, I was waiting all year to check out this year’s free and easy music festival. Baybeats is Singapore’s version of “the biggest music fair you can think of”. Yes, it has a titanic-size timeline: 3 music-packed days, 4 colossal performance venues, 8 outstandingly new bands, and several simultaneous performances - there’s music for everyone.

This year, Baybeats features heart thumping and fist-pumping sounds from local and international acts, in genres such as folk, post-rock, emo, electro, power-house vocals, and everything in between. I think it’s an out of the ordinary kind of event in this side of Asia, primarily (and probably) because it is held in this modern, far-from hipster environment: Esplanade. No picnic baskets, no lounging around, no basking in the sun kind of moment – all pure ear euphoria wrapped in a contemporary venue.

This year’s festival village managed to bring up 35 bands as its lineup, from local indie crafters to music artistpreneurs, and lyric influencers; bands are mostly local, but a special shout-out to the bands from Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, and Philippines!

Managed to squeeze in some clockwork here, and scored near front row seats on some of the performances – the bands brought their A game with much passion and backbone. Here are some of the photos from the event. Maybe Singapore can offer this as a bi-annual event, what do you guys think?

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