Explore England Travel: Painless Things to Know When Traveling to England for the First Time

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Painless Things to Know When Traveling to England for the First Time 

Whoever said they did not enjoy exploring England has a deep-rooted explanation behind it, because truth’s out: England is easy to like, enjoy, and be in favor of the minute you step foot in their airport. London baby, you’re so bloody nice and multicultural, and busy, and welcoming! Plus brownie points to England, because the place is very travel-friendly, despite being so populated. You can easily roam around, ask directions, and blend in like a local.

I know it’s painful to read so many articles that are a repeat of everything else. Especially if you’re rather in a hurry to get information as soon as possible. So without adding to that, here are a few painless things you need to know when traveling to England for the very first time –

Transportation: Explore The City by Foot

Oyster Card is for England as Octopus Card is for Hong Kong. England is almost fully connected to the city and its suburbs, so it’s easy to have your own DIY itinerary when you visit for the first time – you can just trace some landmarks from the nearest train station and you’re good for the day. Nonetheless, the BIG (ben) ones in England travel, such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, and City Hall are very close to each other. You can explore all of it in a day, so better do it by foot.

Money Saving Tip: Do Not Avail Travel Deals

We all know that travel deals are a gamble. Unless you have pretty good reasons not to do your own itinerary (ie no time, lots of money), veer away from travel deals if you can. England being a well-liked travel place, there are tons of resources out there that’ll help any travel predicament that are FOR FREE How to get to a place can be easily done. By doing so, you get to save some extra cash, which you can spend on other good stuff. #budgettravels

Food: Convenience Stores

Similar to Japan, the convenience stores here in England are indeed convenient especially if you like to try out inexpensively good filler foods. Yes, you can build a decent 3 course meal by just buying at convenience stores in England, and no it’s not like 7/11 – it’s even better. Feeling peckish today, you should fancy something to eat from the nearest convenience store.

Activity: Never Miss a Musical and a Museum

There’s no place like London when it comes to Musicals and Museums, and I appreciate now even more, because of UK’s good imprint on these two culture-powered package. London’s musical scene is off the charts and it’s like watching a reality show but fifty times better. Museums are meant to be old and cool, and that’s just how they are in England.

Accommodation: Try a Hostel

Yes, it is exotic, and sometimes outright dangerous, to try out hostels especially in third world countries. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider, especially if it’s a place like London, England. This great British country is sprawling with backpacker hostels, and budget hotels that are not only welcoming; they’re addicting to stay at. You can meet tons of friends from all walks of life from Africa, South America, to fellow Asia folks and Islanders.

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