Four Ridiculously Good Reasons Why You Should Join THIS Music School

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Join the Eighth Note Music School To Find Out

We are all music lovers, yes? We think, feel, and bleed music, one way or another.

We like music – to sing in the shower, to listen to beatboxing, to play musical acoustics, to watch musical talent reality shows, and band concerts –

Music is our reassurance and escape from the normal noises of life.

What better way than to entertain the idea of learning music, yes? It’s never too late to learn something new. It’s never a shy thing to bring out the best in you. It’s never a loss of time if you get to tick something off your forgotten bucket list. Many ways and many choices to do it, but why not let The Eighth Note Music School help you.

Got a glimpse of how things really are in the music environment here in Singapore through The Eighth Note Music School folks. I burried my fears alive with a guitar and some finger-picking style I learned from the music school. Hence, four reasons you shouldn’t ignore your inner music rockstar - join a music school:


A Really Good Hangout Place for Locals

We all like new friends and people in our lives and this is nice to have if you’re new to place. Being a part of the Eighth Note Music School, you’ll meet locals and new friends instantly. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a musician? Not you. Plus, the neighborhood is very laid back and the chicken rice hawker centers, the coffee shops, and ice cream parlours with truckloads of locals will let you feel at home.


An Easy To Go Place

What’s up with that, Lorong Kilat is the place to be. The Eighth Note Music School is just 100 steps away from the nearest bus stop and a stones throw away from all the cool and quirky hidden food finds around this side of town. There’s no stress in finding the place, all cab drivers, young and old, happy and sad (lol), knows this place.


Homey and Comfortable

We like a school that’s very approachable, homey, and easy to like. The Eighth Note Music School isn’t grand, isn’t ostentatious, isn’t over the top expensive, that’s why it’s likeable. It has the ideal space for learning, not too small, not too overrun, not too big. Plus, it’s sound proof – so plus points for music privacy!
Complete with Music Stuff

If you’re just like me who’s not a musical expert, and is first learning the ropes of music, you don’t exactly care about the nitty gritty terminologies, brands, and other stereotypes that everyone thinks is important in a music school. What would concern you is the quality and quantity of useable musical instruments and available resources, that's pretty much it for starters. In the Eighth Note Music School, they have it all the important stuff you need to try out to become a music legend: ukulele, guitar, drums, violin, electric guitar, keyboards, piano, you name it.


School of Excellence

The Eighth Note Music School’s pop and classical syllabi are all you need to know to get assured that this one is for you, especially if you’re a complete neophyte like me. They’d be guiding you every single step and second of the way, patiently giving all that needs to be given. And this is just on the surface side of things, what’s even nicer is to know that they are awarded and appreciated for what they do. See the humble awards they have through their students and events.

Now, who wants to enroll with me? Ukulele! :)

Main Branch
19 Lorong Kilat #01-04 Singapore 598120

Parkway Center Branch
Parkway Centre #02-02 Singapore 449408

Thanks to The Eighth Note Music School Singapore for inviting me! :)

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