1 Altitude, Raffles Place – The World’s Highest Alfresco Bar

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The Highest Rooftop Bar in Singapore

Singapore’s Skyline is always pretty no matter what time of the day – morning till midnight. What makes it way prettier: the vantage point from where we’re looking. That my friends, is the ultimate secret to unlocking a happy Singapore skyline view – maybe the Marina Bay Sands Kudeta view, maybe a rooftop view, maybe from just outside your office view, or most probably 1 Altitude in Raffles PlaceThe World’s Highest Alfresco Bar.

Not unless you can skydive your way into Singapore’s magnificent city view, 1 Altitude is yet to be beaten in terms of a breath-taking skyline view. I have never seen an expansive skyline as picture-perfect as this one. You can see THE WHOLE SINGAPORE if you look close enough. Lol. You can see Instagram worthy airplane-window-but-better view of Singapore’s city skyline – from the Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By the Bay, old buildings, new constructions, up until the harbor side of Singapore. Inside the 1 Altitude - it’s a chill out place on three distinct concepts occupying 16,000 square feet across three levels. It’s even awarded as the New Nightspot Most Worthy of Its Hype by Straits Times. Wine and dine with friends, Night out of Second Time Family visitors in Singapore, Enjoy the company of a multicultural crowd. 360 Degree view of Singapore = Check. Quality Modern Cuisine = Check. Good Live Bank Music = Check. Priceless = Check.

1-Altitude Gallery & Bar (Rooftop)
1-Altitude Gallery & Bar (Level 63)
Stellar (Level 62)
Altimate (Level 61)

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