Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery in Parañaque

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Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery in Parañaque 

Passion nowadays is an often-used word. Rarely do we see passion in physical form; but when it comes to coffee, third wave cafes recently started bringing their A-game with shops popping up here and there. My homey, the Philippines is no stranger to this spectacle, especially with this next cafe on my list: Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery.

What started out as an interest quickly turned owner Jonathan Choi's world upside down, as he ventured into the coffee world, being inspired by a colleague in his previous IT work in China. When Jonathan came back to the Philippines, it was his turn to make his mark at the south-side of Manila, opening his very own cafe to serve and share his newfound passion with the world. Recently winning a The 8th Philippine Grand Barista Cup Championship, Jonathan is still on his way to bigger things with a couple of baristas under his wing and more flavors of specialty coffee to sample and blend in his own style.

How to get to the Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery in Parañaque

Magnum Opus is located at the corner of J. Elizalde Street and A. Aguirre Avenue in the suburbs of BF Homes Paranaque near Las Pinas City and Paranaque City. For those unfamiliar with the area, it is best to either take the taxi or ride the tricycles within the subdivision, making sure you get the name of the streets right. Travellers and tourists might have hard time reaching this place, because it’s too far-off, but it’s worth a try! Best time to go would be in the late mornings to early afternoon, as the crowds can get a little too thick during the evenings and after work, and we wouldn’t want to compete with a thick crowd here in Manila!

What to do and see at Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery in Parañaque

Besides coffee and food, Jonathan often collaborates with local bakeries to serve you cookies and cakes that go best with your drink. Additionally, he displays works of art and the wooden furniture that are for sale if you are into antiques and is interested in spicing up your home with local artists' paintings. In-house roasted beans are also sold for coffee connoisseurs, who want to bring a taste of Magnum Opus back at home.

One of the most unique mochas I've ever tasted: Belgian Heartbreaker, with local dark chocolate infusing the coffee - is just on another level of coffee heaven, yes? Jonathan can whip you up something unique, like Shaken not Stirred, or Chilled Taho (local soybean drink).  If I have a vision board right now, my coffee shop would probably be like the Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery!

Magnum Opus Favorites

The passion in the coffee and cafe here are too palpable to ignore. Yes. And you know us Filipinos, when we get passionate about something, we go all out! Magnum Opus is all out, and the support is all out as well. Wouldn’t mind joining in the third wave coffee experience here in the Philippines with a few more visits here at the Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery.

Address: 2nd Floor, The Prime Building, #115 Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines
Opening Hours: Mon: 4:30 P.M. - 11:00 PM, Tue - Sun: 10:30 A.M. - 11:00 PM

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