I’m Beating Myself Up with A Bloody Off-Beaten Path

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 1 Comments

Labrador Nature Reserve, Labrador Villa Road

I’m off to a new travel exodus to somewhere cold and bloody off-beaten path (insert British accent here)

I’ll be having an easy peasy chat with the queen of England and maybe fool around with the muggle-borns, before sampling some English breakfast. Any tips and dibs? Message me please! :)

Leaving you with some photo dump on one of the most relaxing and slow-paced places here in Singapore: Labrador Nature Reserve.
Just a few steps away from the Labrador MRT Station, you’ll sure be surprised by the laziness you can get once you see the place – very relaxing, very environmentally pleasing, very cozy.

There’s a nice Rocky sea-cliff formation where you can just hang-out and rest. There are also Nature & Coastal Walks, some War Relics and a lot of flora and fauna that will make nature – comfort seekers will appreciate. It’s a sure must visit for families and big group of friends who would prefer an out-in-the-park kind of activity over shopping and modern skylines. 

Readers outside SG, see you in the UK – cheerios?

Bowdy is an amateur adventurer, a coffee sleepyhead, and a start-up rooter, with a penchant for classic-looking photos. At last count, he has visited some 52 countries, and is now living in Singapore. He's always in search of fascinating routines to exploit, within the edges of after-office hours and (un)limited holidays.

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