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Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Tai Gin Road

I don’t know who-the-who Sun Yat Sen is exactly, but the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall is one of the few halls in Singapore I’ll remember. Found out about this initially because of Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, but didn’t have a chance to visit ‘cos they’re quite far off from the other must-go places. Apparently, Sun Yat Sen is well-known in Chinese countries, because he is the "Father of the Nation".

WOW. Father of THE Nation. Ruler of the WORLD. Added the last part, only the first is true.

He is a Chinese revolutionary, first president and founding father of the Republic of China! #moderndynasty

And apparently again, Sun Yat Sen is also known in Singapore.

So, I guess it’s about time to take a look? Yes.

It’s all about Chinese Revolution on Singapore and Singapore's contributions to the Rev –the place, which features new storylines and new galleries, shows some histo-stuff on how the Singapore leaders helped build the nation. It shows how much this impacted the Singapore Chinese community as how it is today.

Now if you still consider yourself new to Singapore, just like me, and you want to know a bit more in depth of Singapore’s Chinese community, so that you can contribute something when your Chinese cab drivers talk about history?

Well… yes, there is China Town; yes, there are the hawker centers.

But this one is for those of you who would rather go to the almost off-beaten path to Singapore’s Chinese history, and maybe even chance upon meeting locals and their families who would frequent this place.

Xie xie ni!

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