10 Coffee Infographics to Break Your Coffee Routine

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10 Coffee Infographics to Break Your Coffee Routine

Sound the alarm: Nerd alert!

Aren’t infographics the coolest bunch of nerd info out there? I like books, but I know nothing beats words with big pictures and cool layouts. Especially if you’re too lazy to read - which is of course, most of the time! Who has time nowadays? I have time to write, but no time to read – that sounds so wrong. Lol. #whereareyoulogic?

Okay so might as well share with you some of the coolest coffee infographics that kind of serves as my cheat sheet before going to the next coffee shop. You see, this is how I try to show off and impress the baristas about the knowledge I have over coffee and café stuff. Yeah, I can’t converse about the taste, the acidity, the roastiness… but I can surely agree about coffee history, ingredients, and some cool fun facts. #thereyouarelogic!

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