Where to People-Watch: Myeongdong or Insadong

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Where to People-Watch: Myeongdong or Insadong

When you reach a new city, a new street, a new place, you build first impressions that can carry a long and lasting impression as you go along and discover the place. Right? Or is that just me?

There are places that can surprise the heck out of you and would leave you dumbfounded, sometimes even for no valid reason at all. Sometimes, a place is meant to be something, but it leaves a different impression on you that you prefer better. Yes…. Now you’re thinking... I can see you twitching your eyes thinking about your favorite place. :) That’s nice, in my case, I’ve got a lot, but one of the recent ones is in Seoul.

Crazy enough to think that these two places: Myeongdong and Insadong Streets in Seoul are meant to be for splurging, shopping, and redecorating one’s face. But I got something else in mind – I’d say these two places are better off as people-watching spots. It’s not a party scene, but it sure looks like one, because of the overflowing amount of people from all walks of the world, with eager and amazed faces – all on the lookout for Seoul’s street finds.

Who wouldn’t think that’s good? It’s one of the few places to enjoy huge amount of people without being too creepy. It’s a refreshing view for bloggers, and writers, and authors, and Dalai Lamas to appreciate Korean culture and experience. Giving you free access to window-shop for some people-culture - can you find Sandara Park? :)



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