Cafeccino in New Delhi

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Cafeccino in New Delhi, India

Skipping all the Hyderabad hype for today, and I’m moving into India’s original best city: New Delhi. The New Delhi International Airport alone says so many good things about this city, and if I didn’t know any better, I would think it looks like a part of the Changi International Airport in Singapore. Looks similar but not all! And this is a big pat on the back for India. Another original best thing about New Delhi: the Cafeccino cafe.

How to get to the Cafeccino in New Delhi

Inside the T3 of New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, you’ll find a few Cafeccino spots. The biggest one is at the food court area, which is spacious enough to hold a birthday party for your pilot. Haha! It’s Cafeccino on the go and with a super roomy café like this, you won’t have a hard time picking, chilling, or leaving this place.

What to do and see in the Cafeccino in New Delhi

Café hopping may seem like a taboo when in the airport, because let’s face it, we don’t want to miss our flights! #truestory But, I think we can have some excuses here and there, especially if it’s a Cafeccino place. Chilled beer available - they have this huge drinking bar area over here! Not that you should be drinking all out or anything, but if coffee is not mandatory for you, then probably other beverages are? Lol. And the baristas have the potential to be travel buddies. Extra friendly and helpful. The drinks are also better than the normal ones you would try in airports. Must try: Truffle walnut brownies!

Cafeccino Favorites

The Cafeccino is a reminder to me that it’s okay to spend some time in India, even if it’s not the common choice for Asian travellers. Most would prefer Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, because of all the ghastly stories about safety and all, but India is just too good of a culture to not try out, even its coffee culture (surprisingly) says so.

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