7 Singapore Travel Videos in Youtube Worth Sharing

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7 Singapore Travel Videos in Youtube Worth Sharing

Apparently, there are infinite reasons why you should start watching or start getting addicted to YouTube vids. There’s a wealth of information and discoveries worth finding out, and you’ll probably get rich and get fat from sitting and watching all the videos you can find here. And it’s not only the ones with the most number of views that are quite interesting. There are A LOT. Last night, while watching WahBanana, there’s another recommended video that popped out, which turned out to be a #shiok moment! 

What’s that all about? 

Well, here are seven of the best Singapore Travel Videos in YouTube right now that you should watch. 

Check them out!

Singapore Shiok Moments (#SGSHIOK)

Shop. Eat. Chill.
What is it about Singapore that makes you go... "Shiok!"?
Join the conversation -- share it, tweet it, capture it. Contribute your Shiok moments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #SGSHIOK.

All Work All Play

With a high concentration of business and leisure offerings that is accessible and customizable, you can also be assured of creating an enriching experience that's more than just business! Connect with us and share your favourite experiences in Singapore! We are on Facebook as YourSingapore and on Twitter @visitsingapore.

Get Lost and Find the Real Singapore

Get Lost and Find the Real Singapore. There's more to this city than just chilli crabs and Singapore Sling. Wait till you take a look around at what we have, then you will realise this is a city unlike any other. Whether it's fun and games for the kids, entertainment for the family or action and adventure for the adults, there's certainly something for everyone. You'll also be surprised to discover a multicultural landscape that's not only vibrant and boisterous, but also steeped in heritage and traditions. So you think you know Singapore?

Famous Buildings and Architecture in Singapore

Discover the Sounds of Singapore. Take a peek into a city full of iconic buildings & listen to their voices. Indulge in more than sights, and get lyrical in Singapore!

Reminisce (Tourism50)

There are memories within us. Those moments that linger and last through time; journeys and stories we create with family, friends, or that special one. Though the details might not be fully preserved, the emotions are always still so vivid and alive. Inspired by the stories contributed by Singaporeans for the Singapore Memory Project and using actual footages and pictures from the National Archives of Singapore, we present to you a story about a family and their lives and memories with the many attractions that we have grown to be familiar with. Some have evolved, some remained, but what matters most is the memory that will always be present.


Connect with us and share your favourite experiences in Singapore! We are on Facebook as YourSingapore and on Twitter @visitsingapore.

A Magical Family Holiday in Singapore

Strong memories are best made when more individuals and perspectives are involved. Discover a magical family adventure for the entire family in Singapore.

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