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The best online goodies out there that I didn't write (but wish I did)

I cringe like an epileptic wacko whenever I read something so good. I cringe cos I say to myself, “hey you, why didn’t you think of that?!”. Yes, sometimes it’s funny how I beat myself up for wanting to be as good as these bunch of brilliant people. There are so many good and easily digestible reads out there - sometimes, all you have to do is just sit and click one link.

Here are some of the best reads out there right now, which I hope you get inspired to the point of cringing in your seat! Haha. By the way, in case you missed it, I did this one before, and I would gladly do it again for you guys. Enjoy!

Travel Is Good For Your Career Resume

You know that saying about regrets — I’m not sure all these people will get to seventy and say “I really wish I’d got one extra promotion”, but I bet a heap of them will think “I wish I’d traveled more”.

Life is too short to spend too much of it working.

Five Reasons We Love Train Travel

There really is something romantic about travelling by train. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe it’s because it takes me back to a simpler time. We found ourselves constantly comparing train travel to flying, and in every way, trains were winning out.

Inside a Literary Mind - How A Writer Views the World

Sometimes our stories expel from our minds at such a rapid pace that they are delivered to the tablet without much purpose or direction. Sometimes, so many thoughts leave at once that we feel naked inside for weeks after and we find ourselves reaching for something else to say. We write nothing, we write too much, we write nonsense, but we always write. And sometimes, we write something so beautiful, so moving and so eloquent that we are fulfilled.

10 Tips for the Lone Traveller

But none of that matters when you’re replaying the tapes in your head. Just the fact that you did it, counts, and the wonderful moments of each little stumble, was a step toward. So while you’re out there, don’t meditate on the mishaps. There will come a day when you’d happily relive every single second… cockroaches and all.

Do Something Worth Dying For

The concept of finding something to be passionate about is something that I believe gets lost in the shuffle of daily life. A large majority of the world’s population live their lives in a cubicle or simply going through the motions that make one day turn into the next. Where is the profundity in that?


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