Bruges, Belgium Travel Photo Essay - How to Take Your Breath Away Without Trying

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Bruges, Belgium Travel Photo Essay

It takes a measly few minutes before you completely get blown away by the loneliness and loveliness of Bruges City in BelgiumBruges or Brugge to its residents is one of Belgium’s eleven provinces, bordered by the Netherlands, France, and the North Sea. It’s where Gothic + Flemish + Canal culture combinations are evident.  It’s one of Belgium’s prized cities being renowned as a World Heritage Site city itself. And, for most people who get to experience this place, it’s the best way to feel the “take your breath away” kind of moment.

When we were in Amsterdam, we heard a lot of hearsays about how beautiful this city is. They did a great job of showcasing Bruges, so much so, that we couldn’t stop talking about it for hours, and we just decided to spontaneously go thru with the trip to Bruges.

One train ride away and a few hours after, the minute we stepped out from the old school train station, we were completely blown away by the Flemish-renaissance inspired walkways, medieval architecture, and Gothic-style setting. Being the “Venice of the North” because of all the beautiful canals, makes you want to not suffocate with satisfaction. And the fact that this city was once coined as the “chief commercial city" of the world is just wow. You can see all the sights, highlights, and histories elaborated all over the place – it’s like being in a story book and an old film altogether.

And yet again, have I mentioned I’m still into treetography? Lol. Too much trees and they make everything about Bruges extra emphasized. Trees are always good add ons if they look like the ones found here, yes?

You can see that here in Bruges, bikes and old folks are IN. You can see them roaming around everything and they are one of the friendliest bunches of people in this side of Belgium. Maybe we should have tried borrowing their bikes, they might even have said yes. 

The hunt for some good food can be found instantly here in Bruges, because everywhere you look, there's bound to be some sort of very nice food place. That and of course, some good old school coffee fix. Belgian beer, yes also. Belgian chocolates, yes to that too. Yes, to trying out everything, yes?

Needless to say, this is a must try - I meant the beer below... okay, maybe the best of the best too. We later found out that beer is actually more ever-present everywhere in Belgium as compared to their chocolates. Sweeeet mother of nature!

Learning how to take your own breath away without trying is easy if you know about Bruges. Have you been to Bruges? Has it taken your breath away or did a different one? If you have any other tips, do share!

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