5 Greatest Must Try Greek Foods in Greece

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Greatest Must Try Greek Foods in Greece

One of the most promising activities to do when in Greece is to sample their heaven-sent food fares. Much of the foods you can find in Europe looks and tastes almost the same, but it’s quite different when in Greece. No one should miss out eating all the good food that they can find when in Greece! Well, maybe this is biased of me, because I have a soft spot for Mediterranean cuisine, which is slightly similar to what you can find in this marble city. In any case, it’s a win win when it comes to thy “hunger” games ‘cos you can’t go wrong with these must try Greek foods.



Moussaka! So perhaps this isn’t entirely Greek in origin, but the ones that you can find in Greece is the best you can taste out there. The Greek version includes layers of meat and eggplant topped with a Béchamel sauce and its oven baked. Bottom layer you can taste sliced eggplants sautéed in olive oil. Middle layer you can delight yourself with some ground lamb lightly cooked with chopped or puréed tomatoes, onion, garlic, and spices. And top layer, savory sauce all you can. It’s like lasagna but even better.


Greek Salad

Greek salad, anytime. For some, its summer salad, for others, it’s rustic salad, but this Greek cuisine is made delicious because of the feta cheese, in my opinion. You don’t need to be a food expert to appreciate this salad masterpiece, made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, and olives, some even with pickled leaves, buds or berries. It’s basic yet it’s one of the greatest favorites out there ‘cos it’s healthy and very easy to eat.


Greek Club Sandwich

Please don’t stop me just yet ‘cos yes, you may be thinking that I’m already too biased when it comes to sandwiches. Singapore has made me become an sandwivore : an animal that can derive its energy and nutrients from a diet consisting of a variety of sandwich sources. Yes, made that up, thank you very much! But the sandwich you can find in Greece is a requirement. The greens and chicken used in this particular club sandwich is one of the tastiest out there. The ingredients are marinated and mixed well, and the feta mixture is the one you’ll like the most.


Greek Pasta

When you were born to eat pasta, you’re bound to like some Greek pasta. They have one of the most delicious sauces you can taste, and considering they aren’t too much on the sweet or the bland type of taste, their pasta is really, really good. The pasta itself isn’t too Italian tasting and it isn’t too foreign either. It turns out to be an instant comfort food even if you’re not too much of a pasta addict. Always order cream based, by the way. You’ll see the distinctiveness of the Greek’s when it comes to this one.


Mille Feuille

Just because you’re in fervent search for some salty dessert, doesn’t mean you won’t thoroughly enjoy a sweet dessert. That’s the exact thing that happened to me when I was in Athens and it was one of the most memorable dessert nights I’ve had when I visited Greece. This particular dessert is proportionate for Asian size, so that’s a big plus. Taste wise, it’s like eating a spoon full of honey mixed with sugar and cake icing. Energy and likeability just shoots up so fast. It’s so good, you’d forget about moderation. The most delicious Mille Feuille is in Greece!

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