4 Interesting Finds in Singapore You Probably Have Missed Out

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4 Interesting Finds in Singapore You Probably Have Missed Out 

It’s interesting to see that using the word “interesting” for something newfound and noteworthy doesn’t make it seem so interesting at all. I mean, especially when it comes to the really, really, REALLY good new ones out that you know necessitates you to give more than a few words other than just throwing in “interesting” as an adjective. Yes, I know you agree with me all you Neophiles out there!

So here yi  here mi – here are some of the “more than interesting” (LOL) new finds here in Singapore that you may not have known yet, but are already existing and gathering some following already. Maybe you can try these out and throw in a few more add-on words to define it, yes?

Macaron Frappé Pistache – Paul

Macaron Frappés aren’t exactly breaking news headlines just now. They’ve been around in Europe for quite a while already. And, even as single and separate entities – macarons and frappes are always the talk of the town. So finally, when the brilliant Paul, the French Bakery, decided to introduce such ingenious way of enjoying macarons in a icy kind of way, whoever hopped in Paul’s and finds out about this one makes them an automatic follower. Pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, or vanilla – take your pick. It’s a mammoth macaron stuffed in into the blender, add some milk, cream, and tons of ice. It’s cold, and crunchy from the ice, and delicious.


PAUL Westgate: 3 Gateway Drive - Singapore 605832

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa

No, no – not a cat guy and I assure you I never really stalked this café ever since it started to pop out of nowhere. Blame it on my feline, I mean female housemate who purrs about cats every single day of her life! (Sorry, know you must be readin this, chill we’ll go there later lol). We decided to just give it a go as a surprise for her on ordinary day and lo and behold – it was a GREAT idea. This cat garden is a concept that’s made popular by Korea, where you can pay a time-based fee to watch and play with the residing pets while you have your drink and desserts. It’s a nice way to try out something completely out of your comfort zone sometimes: cat indulging.


Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa: 54A Boat Quay, Level 2

Mini Croissant - Johan Paris

Europe’s overly famous croissants are a staple for bread fans, and to have a mini version is one of the best things you can have for breakfast while on your way to work queuing up for your cab ride. Mini chocolate croissants from Johan Paris is easy to order, easy to eat, and easy to like. It’s like having breakfast in Rome, their breads are made sweet and small – these croissants are stuffed with chocolate flavor similar to Nutella taste, and you can just devour the whole thing in one go. Ordered this for a straight week, and will probably go back there again now that I remember it!


Johan Paris: Jurong East Mall

Ramen Burger

I may have been light years late on this craze, but it sure is a nirvana moment for people like me who’s absolutely into ramen AND burger. This combo, yes – double the thumbs up.  There’s a choice of either beef bulgogi, chicken teriyaki, or spicy barbeque chicken patties sandwiched between two dried ramen noodle buns – this thing is a newfound thing for ramen lovers who are so accustomed to having their ramen hot and soupy. The ones being offered here in Singapore are not the same as the ones in New York or elsewhere, because the chefs here made sure to make it “local”. Dried and compact, east meets west, quirky plus cool – nice take on it! A crowd favorite, yes. A recommended must try, yes.


The Travelling C.O.W (Chef on Wheels): Gillman Barracks

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