Pies & Coffee, Rochester Drive

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Pies & Coffee in Rochester Mall

In times like these, when stressful office work seems like an ordinary everyday norm, you just have to zap back to one of your stress relievers. Coffee.

Yes, you heard it right: Coffee.

Pies & Coffee in Rochester Drive is one of the most open coffee shops you’ll ever find in the West side of Singapore. It’s so accommodating and so comfortable enough that it acts as a go-to place for stress-to-de-stress deeds. Yes, there seems to be a miracle going on with the pies and coffees they serve here! Just pies and coffees that can radically change your mood from stressed to distressed. P&C that’s enough to make you stay longer hours.

How to get to the Pies & Coffee in Rochester Drive

The Pies & Coffee in Rochester Drive is an easy ten-minute walk from the Buona Vista MRT Station. It’s right across the Star Vista Mall and right below the Rochester Mall. The area is too open yet it feels too exclusive, because most you can find are young students and expats growing roots on their seats enjoying their pies and coffees. Though, you’ll probably notice the small indoor versus outdoor ratio is disproportionate. The open area of the coffee shop is way bigger compared to it’s small-sized café; which, actually works well, in this case.

What to do and see in the Pies & Coffee in Rochester Drive

It feels like being back in your memory-filled university days, full of exams and deadlines, and shy stares from other people. The place is rocking with young bloods with their all-out study sessions. It’s definitely a go-to place for the stressed, ‘cos in some way, seeing these students battle it out with their books and macbooks, puts your stresses away for a while; makes you forget stress even for a moment, and makes you remember the good old school life, where the only stresses you had we’re centered on books, balls, and babes.

Being here, and having some of their instant comfort food (i.e. awesome pies!), makes you feel contented and rested. Being here, and having a sip of their wakening cup of joe (i.e. awesome cappuccino!), makes you feel stirred and stress-less.

Pies & Coffee in Rochester Drive Favorites

This is best for distressing and chilling, for study and work marathons – alfresco style. It’s quite packed but since it’s also spacious, you’re guaranteed to find a comfortable spot to hang out. Even if you see all the groups of soloists, groupies, yuppies, and Singaporean students here, you won’t fall on the stressful state that you once knew before going to this place, because there’s something that only Pies & Coffee can do for you: stress-coffee-destress-yes.

Address: Address: Rochester Mall, Singapore 138639
Hours: Daily 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Website: http://www.piesncoffee.com/‎

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