Necessary Provisions Café, Bukit Timah

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Necessary Provisions Café at Eng Kong Terrace

When it comes to good coffee shops in Singapore’s West side, Necessary Provisions Café is probably one of the top choices to pick. Since its inception, it has gained an unavoidable amount of coffee fans from across everywhere. You know how Singaporeans are when it comes to queuing up and following through – yes, pretty much steadfast when they like something, and there’s no doubt that the Necessary Provisions Café deserves the attention its getting. 

Who wouldn’t want to try something necessary? Not you.

How to get to the Necessary Provisions Café at Eng Kong Terrace

Hearing the cliché “the journey is as important as its destination”, it’s almost guaranteed that the journey will be a pain in the asssss. Hah. But of course, that isn’t all true. In places such as Singapore, where everything is just a stone’s throw away – 30 minutes top, it isn’t too painstaking to reach a certain place. But considering it is Singapore, the Necessary Provisions Café is “a journey” in itself. Rather difficult to get to compared to other cafés. But that’s also the good thing ‘cos it’s tucked away in the middle of a casual neighborhood, adding more appeal to the coffee shop. Read: exclusive. The nearest MRT is via the Clementi Station and from there, need to take a bus and still walk a few kilometers just to reach necessary nook.

What to do and see in the Necessary Provisions Café at Eng Kong Terrace

You’d immediately know why it’s called Necessary Provisions once you enter this Western garage-like hang out place. It’s all about the setting and the senses. The setting speaks for itself so much, very archetypal of what we perceive to be attractive. Lots of trinkets spread around at the right places, lots of spaces to keep the place cozy too. The senses get heightened as you’ll get drawn in by the soothing scent of the coffee aroma that’s all over the place. You’ll get riveted by the artful preparation of coffee and food that you’ll see in the counter area, which the baristas would graciously show you how it’s done. It’s like being in a coffee workshop, but even better. 

Necessary Provisions Café Favorites

If you’re looking for a private place with lots of local coffee enthusiasts hanging around the area, then this is something to consider. It’s a good place for weekend afternoon chill out session, small talks with small groups of friends, and even some solo time with a cup of strong espresso. From mood, to coffee, and overall experience, this café has all the right provisions to make it a preference.

Address: 21 Eng Kong Terrace, 598993
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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