When In Spain, When in Barcelona

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 0 Comments

When In Spain, When in Barcelona

I just had Spanish sausage a while ago, and I feel like I’m having a sleek recall of Barcelona. If there’s one country in Europe that would make any Filipino at ease, it’s Spain. Not the, “colonized-comfort” kind of ease, but more on the overall ease in culture and lifestyle. There’s something naturally compelling about the way Spanish does things. From how they do their awesome version of siesta and how they mingling with people, from the way they fashion their food fares, whether street food or extravagant tapas, and from the way they value art and expression – Spain is fascinating to explore further. It has the right kind of spirit that you would want to get associated with for some time.

It’s quite easy to identify what are the things that can be liked in Spain. Have I mentioned that they are one of the most beautiful bunch in Europe? That’s more than enough, if you ask me. And to all my fellow Ted Mosby’s out there, do you know that Spain has the most idealistically romantic forms of architecture? Yes, you’ll drown with fascination and randomness. Even in the most mundane and ordinary of things, there’s still something to catch your attention.

Here’s a random dump of Spanish kink-knacks, from architecture, to food, and stuffs. I’m slapping this Spanish sausage to you - you’re learning Spanish thru this virtual tour of their everyday culture and randomness.

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