Time to Taste Tapas in Spain

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 0 Comments

Time to Taste Tapas in Spain

So far, this week, the only time I get to do some random writing is during the time I’m munching on something. Like right now, a Speculoos sandwich. Later this evening, it’s roasted chicken breast sub sandwich, while random writing for work stuff. Ahhh, the only time I get to escape from this sandwich routine is during weekends, where we chase new food fares from every nook of this small red dot. Though, I don't think we'll be deviating from sandwiches, cos here in Singapore, they're a lot of good finds - more on that soon. Thanks to the European mentality here in Singapore, though Asians are still into rice and noodles, there’s another new kid in our palettes – sandwiches. And speaking of sandwiches and a totally unrelated topic - in Spain, it’s a rather different culture. Instead of sandwiches, it’s all tapas (plus maybe some sandwiches).

Tapas are the wide varieties of appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. So much history about this good stuff! But for this time, since there aren’t any much Spanish foods that are easily available here in Singapore, let the pictures here tell the story instead. Letting you in some of the most everyday food fares you can try out in Spain, from tapas to fast foods, and street foods, and of course, sandwiches. Ha. I’m wondering why Spanish cuisines aren’t that hit in Singapore, for now….  hopefully soon, after this post. Lol.

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