Spain Travel Video

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Spain from BowdyWanders on Vimeo.

Spain Travel Video

At long last, the wait is finally over. Yes, it’s the end of the Spanish travel era over here. Ha. Hope even for a second I didn’t bore you with so much architectures, and arts. Can’t help it, Spain is just remarkable like that. Though, I’d say, the Spanish food fares are one of the most interesting finds here, even just by looking at it, right? Yes to gluttony. At least for now, let’s say goodbye to Barcelona - there’s so much other things going on with this bloke over here, I think it’s fitting to share some new classic coffee dibs and a few others in the coming weeks.

But of course, can’t end Spain just yet without some dumpy travel video – lots of shaky and turbulent video clips you’ll find here, kinda sorry bout that. In my defense, that’s what you get when you walk and video at the same time. Lol, lame excuse. Europe’s too cobblestoned, which is good-so-good of course. Everything looks blameless. Everything’s historic. We’ve seen so much action and real life walking around the streets of Barcelona, that most of which were captured in this videography. Check out the unstable laughing c/o Spanish margarita! And check out the jaw-dropping gothic church ceilings c/o La Sagrada Familia. And the unbelievable aerial view of Barcelona. Spain is good, despite the instability of this travel video, worth coming back for – more reasons to shoot better travel snippets. Enjoy!

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