Learn How to Save Our Children

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Save Our Children Campaign

Find out more about child labour at Save Our Children.
You Can Make A Difference!

Learn How to Save Our Children 

Sorry bout that, we won’t feed any orphans or do volunteer marathon work anytime soon over here. But, what I kind of ask of you is probably just a little bit of your time to go through this superbly creative infographic on the different types of Child Labor. It’s worth the share, really.

Okay, on with the backstory -

It’s pretty cool to receive an email from a young reader who’s way beyond her years in wanting to make a difference in the world. A couple of days ago, I received a pleasant email from a young reader who wants to contribute in making a difference in the world.

Ahhh youthfulness and idealism, such fine life phase indeed.

Long story short, she wants to spread the word on this child labor issue that’s been rampant outside of Singapore. Fact: do you know that there are 168 million child laborers around the world? Yes, that means, we need to help in our own little ways. Fact: Singaporean students are aware of their socio-civic responsibilities. Yes, and with this - there’s just no excuse for everyone else not to want to help out. 

Can? :-)

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