Barcelona’s Overlooking View – The Good, The Bad, The Nice

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Barcelona’s Overlooking View – The Good, The Bad, The Nice

Raise your remote controls for a second will you?

If you’re a 90’s TV cool nerd who treats watching TV as a daily workout, then you may have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. at least a couple of times.

Maybe, regularly even?

I don’t blame you, it’s one of the best American sitcoms during it’s time and you’ll be banished for ten lifetimes if you haven’t watched at least one ep. And that said, let me introduce Joey Tribbiani.

Joey is this simple-minded, good-natured womanizer who loves food. Yes, like one of our real friends we know, maybe. But, he’s also the one who introduced the idea of Spain to me. There’s this episode where he may have exaggerated about Tibidabo, which made the place sound so magnetic, I would have booked a plane ticket right there and then. Hah. Tibidabo is the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola. Rising sharply to the north-west, it affords spectacular views over the city and the surrounding coastline of Barcelona.

Just wow, right?

Overlooking views are an automatic weakness, whether you’re scared of heights or you’re a fan of top views.

Overlooking views command spontaneous surprises and involuntary appreciation for the spectacular view, no matter how seemingly ordinary it may look. That’s how Barcelona did it: THE GOOD, the almighty overlooking view of Barcelona view; THE BAD – it wasn’t in Tibidabo exactly, it was in Park Guell, where art and atmospheric awesomeness were prevalent, which of course, isn’t so bad after all; and THE NICE – the afternoon sun. Did you know that apart from overlooking views and sunsets, another good combo to go with overlooking views are during the afternoon sun? Everything is lit like you’re looking at a high contrast panorama, the colors are sharp, details are in depth.

It’s time to go all Joey and look for your Tibidabo escape.

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