Amazing La Sagrada Familia Secrets

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Amazing La Sagrada Familia Secrets

What can cause goosebumps? You bet on yourself that La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain can make it happen. Minutes worth of goosebumps, as a matter of fact. Goosebumps so strong, so long, and so meaningful, you can’t help but wonder if there’s a divine intervention happening right before you. The La Sagrada Familia sure moves mountains of wow from everyone who sees this UNESCO World Heritage Site by Antoni Gaudi. Fact is, this basilica is one of the very few churches that will capture your presence so much so that it’ll make you feel as if you’re entering a scene from the Lord of the Rings or something. It’s out of this world amazing. Yeah, you got that right again this time, here comes another round of my appreciation for all things architecture lol. What can I say, I can’t say anything else other than my appreciation for it -

The secret surprises here are the unlikely inspirations that Antoni Gaudi used to come up with this grand cathedral. Everything about the La Sagrada Familia is unconventional, and you would think that these ideas come out from imagination, from thin air. Yet, what makes this more amazing is that all the inspirations and concepts used are surprisingly existent already. It’s architecture is Nature-Inspired. ‘Originality is returning to the origin.’ – as how Gaudi himself always puts it. You’ll see honeycomb gates, vine-inspired friezes, diatom-shaped windows, gargoyles depicting animals, and pinnacles in the form of grasses and pyrite crystals. And to associate this kind of revolutionary masterpiece in a place of worship is just an incredible idea exemplified. This is one of the top Catholic churches worthy of being an all-time favorite - cue more goosebumps.

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2 Wandering Thoughts:

Ian Harvey said...

sagrada familia, what a beautiful structure...

Paul Henry said...

To see Sagrada Familia with my eyes is my this year target. Love Sagrada Familia architecture, My Salute to Mr. Gaudi

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