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France from BowdyWanders on Vimeo.

France Travel Video

From fleeting romances, to shady street-smart experiences and outbursts of surprises and goose bumps, France is one of the best places to enjoy Europe’s rich multi-cultural history. France may seem like an acquired taste for some, but it’s an absolutely beautiful country, no question about that. 

Paris is indeed a romantic and renaissance city, not just because of its history, but because of its people and upbringing. There are so many things to like and enjoy about this place. Even if we’ve just eavesdropped our way to the must see places and must do things in France, even if we’ve just hallucinated our way into thinking that we had all the time in the world to experience all of Paris (which we almost did, by the way), and even if we’ve just devoured all the fancy and street foods we could ever smell, we still felt that we haven’t experienced France. Is it worth it to come back? Yes. Is it worth it to be here? Yes. Is it worth it to watch this one? Absolutely. 

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