Myanmar Travel Video

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Myanmar from BowdyWanders on Vimeo.

Myanmar Travel Video

One of the best perks of preferring budget travels over the lavish ones is that you get to discover inexpensive world class experiences. I know a lot of you will agree when I say that Cambodia is just that. But, did you know that so is Myanmar

Yangon City is one of the few cities in Asia that is both easy on the pocket and easy on the wanderlust spirit. Contrary to the “risk” stories about how unsafe this city may be, you can actually walk around feeling psyched, because of cultural air all over the place. When our small troop visited this place, so many firsts have been introduced to us – from walking barefoot to some of the most historical places known to Myanmar, to experiencing almost / seemingly dangerous streets of Yangon at night. We were a small group to begin with, cos everyone was scared of visiting this place. So many stereotypes and suppositions. But, most of those things were wrong – we couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by adventure and adrenaline we found in a place asforeign and beautiful as Myanmar.

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