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Personal picks for today’s most interesting reads from across the online world. Should fire up that grand imagination of yours. All for the thirst for travel and adventure! Let’s do some traveling in spirit over here. What’s with the daily links? Where it all started - read here.


Top 10 destinations for twitchers

If you don't know what a 'twitcher' is then this list is probably not for you - then again, perhaps you don't even know you're a twitcher yet. (Twitcher is just another name for birdwatcher.)


The most beautiful places on earth – in pictures

As Lonely Planet turns 40 this year, the publisher has picked the most magnificent sights across the globe to be included in a new book entitled Beautiful World, which contains more than 200 images and aims to inspire readers to see the world as they have never seen it before


The World's Most Dramatic Coastlines

The world is still full of spectacular coastlines to explore, many of which are more famous for their breathtaking views, cultural heritage, and unique geography than for their hazy beach-bum appeal.


Beer Experts Say These Are The 20 Best Beers In The World

It would be a mistake to recommend the iconic film "Seven Samurai" simply because a user enjoys other action movies; rather, we might conclude that they will eventually enjoy it — once they are ready. The same is true for beers, wines, gourmet foods — or any products where users have acquired tastes: the ‘best’ products may not be the most ‘accessible.'


Absolutely Stunning Illusion of an Underwater Waterfall

When seen from the air, a runoff of sand and silt deposits makes the illusion of an underwater waterfall. The visually deceiving impression is absolutely breathtaking when seen from aerial shots. In fact, the illusion can even be seen on Google Maps. Satellite views are dramatic, as an underwater current seemingly appears off the coastline of this tropical heaven. Viewed from other perspectives, the ocean appears to be a spectacular gamut of greens, blues, and whites, creating the false impression that it plummets down just like a raging waterfall.

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