5 Best Online Guides: Singapore Expat Living

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Best-Online-Guides-Singapore-Expat-Living | The-Expat-Life-Of-Budget-Travels

Best Online Guides for Singapore Expat Living

Living an expatriate life in a first world, multi-cultural country such as Singapore is no piece of cake. It looks like it, but it’s actually different when you’re the one living it. Moving to Singapore seems like an easy-going and sophisticated life, but there are more layers and pages to it. Especially if you come from a completely different side of culture or social status, living in Singapore could be a stretch.

Nonetheless, expatriate life in general is a worthwhile experience and nowadays it’s even more appreciated because of new changes in the way we live. In this era of change and proverbial promptness, there are just so many newfound resources that are geared towards helping expatriates to manage adjustments and progressions. There are different online resources and offline programs to help people cope up and adjust with ease.

Best-Online-Guides-Singapore-Expat-Living | The-Expat-Life-Of-Budget-Travels

1. Living In Singapore

This website offers massive information on everything you need to know about Living in Singapore. From Moving to Singapore, to Life in Singapore, Cost of Living in Singapore, and Practicalities. It also provides information on Singapore Property, Jobs, Food and Travel. This is a good place to start discovering about the great potential of expatriate life in Singapore.

Best-Online-Guides-Singapore-Expat-Living | The-Expat-Life-Of-Budget-Travels

2. Living in Singapore Today

This website provides all the non-work living activities you need to know about Singapore today. From events, features, lifestyle, shopping deals, and the like are being highlighted here. This is a good place to find out more about the real day to day “living” opportunities for expatriates and locals in Singapore.

Best-Online-Guides-Singapore-Expat-Living | The-Expat-Life-Of-Budget-Travels

3. Expat Singapore

This website shares more details on living the expatriate life in Singapore, geared towards European and American market. It shows information on how to prepare before coming to Singapore, tips, starting up, dining, enjoying and traveling. There are also details on different products and services you can find in Singapore, from Aircon Services, to Domestic Maid Services, Furnishings and Properties.

Best-Online-Guides-Singapore-Expat-Living | The-Expat-Life-Of-Budget-Travels

4. Expat Living, The Referral Guide for Singapore

This website details a holistic approach to living in Singapore the Expat way. It has a Singapore Guide and it has some more: Kids, Property, Travel, Wine and Dine, Body and Style and Things to Do. All the potentials you can find in living in Singapore can be found here.

Best-Online-Guides-Singapore-Expat-Living | The-Expat-Life-Of-Budget-Travels

5. Red Dot Pinoys

Yes, we need to throw in some patriotic piece of data over here because it matters. Although there is a more popular Expat online resource for Filipinos (www.pinoysg.com), the Red Dot Pinoys is a good alternative resource of information on being a Filipino Living the Expat life in Singapore.

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