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A really good friend was here a couple of days ago to visit some folks. The coffee break was just random, but it was actually so sudden and so unexpected, which made it more special. You see, she was not the traveling type. Sure, she loves to travel, but this one’s different. She’s traveling to rekindle friendships.

It was interesting how the conversation went and how in the process, we were able to arrive at an important destination: "travel dot". You may have heard of it in your lifetime, you know, the one that was reemphasized by the great Steve Jobs before, about how you connect your life through the dots or milestones you create, when you looking back.

You connect your life through the milestones you create.

It sure is true when traveling, too. The entirety of life is pretty amazing, but it’s even more amazing once you're able to grasp the different perspectives that come with it. It sure is useful and valuable to look at the dots, the milestones, the life history you created, to gain insight and understanding on what has happened and what can happen next.

A travel dot is like that, too. Each travel you take, with family, friends, alone, for business, for pleasure, with purpose or none at all, is an important dot in your life worth rekindling. In the very process, you gain something invaluable, one that is yours forever. You encounter experiences that play around the spectrum of disadvantage to advantage, all of which has an impact in your life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Over the past fifteen countries and a hundred or so places that I’ve been to, I’ve learned so many things about life and quality of it, from different angles, “dot sizes” if I may; and not every point was clear or colorful or colossal, but sure it left marks that shall forever be a part of the whole circle: me.

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