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Cold sweats start to dance around the face. Heart starts to fist-pump like there is no tomorrow. Hands start to scream numbness. The future seems wild and unsure. Horror seems like the only loyal companion out there. This, my friends, is a perfect picture of a lost (and foolish) traveler. It could be easier to just show a picture of my frightened face, but that would be a dead giveaway. Haha.

When you find yourself completely dumbfounded and lost abroad, you should be thankful!

It’s the start of one of the best travel experiences you’ll own. There’s a preconceived notion that getting lost is just a bad idea. Well, for starters, it consumes more time. It eats up travel time. It may even add hassle to the budget, as there’s a possibility that you’ll have to spend a little more just to find your way back. It can bring out the worst in the situation; so much unplanned or unwanted can happen – so much what ifs.

Of course, this is completely taken out of context. Not entirely true. There’s always a twist. If you really value and understand your travels for all its worth, you’ll be reminded that there are so many layers and contexts in getting lost abroad. Of course, there’s a slightly different view when you’re actually going thru it, rather than just looking back at the situation. But, would have to admit that getting lost abroad allows additional travel experiences and adventures than what you have signed-up for. It's intended to be valuable.

It’s a fit time to learn under pressure – to think on your feet, be resourceful, and be fearless. You start to ascertain skills that are always there, but have never been completely used. Just like preschoolers on their first day of school, there will always be fear, but at the same time, there’s always wonder and learning in the process; in this case, you get lost in traveling, but you discover lessons, which you’ll forever remember for the rest of your life.

Some of the best travel moments I had were during lost moments. It also gave me the best fright of my life! Haha. And, it could just be better if lost moments were video-recorded, so that everything could be relived and relearned more distinctly… or just laughed about. Haha. Adrenaline-charged without trying too hard.


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