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The Water Puppet Show, Saigon

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 0 Comments Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo :: Vietnam :: The Water Puppet Show, Saigon

What a creative way to attract travelers than do some water puppetry. That’s how Vietnam does it and they do it so well. The Water Puppet Theatres in the city is one of the top must see when visiting Vietnam, as it boasts so much about Vietnamese inventiveness and wit. Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo :: Vietnam :: The Water Puppet Show, Saigon

So at this day and age, what makes these so interesting? Well. It’s all about production and story quality! To start off, let me just tell you that these puppets and puppeteers have to be dampened with water just to make this extra interesting. The story line, setting, and overall props are done in waterscape setting, so that in itself is pretty cool. Next: story quality. Epic performances, with unimaginable feats are done by these puppets. From your conventional Dragon Dance, to Phoenix Dance, to Lion and Unicorn Dance – impressive. The characters are intricately designed, costume and all, and the choreography are well executed. Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo :: Vietnam :: The Water Puppet Show, Saigon

Apart from the program flow, what’s interesting are the traditional Vietnamese songs used in every episode. It’s in fact what they call the “oldest layer of Vietnamese music”, which dates back to a thousand years ago. Oh yeah. The instruments used are of course a different story of splendor too. You’ll hear cymbals, drums, gongs, violins, and flutes, all infused with traditional style and balance. It’s like you’re watching a newfound orchestra performance. Compelling and brilliant!

At the end of the show, you’ll be left wondering what just transpired. A trance-like level of happiness and imagination will fill you in. This is good. More than good, actually. The way the stories and music and overall impact will completely change your perspective about puppet shows and about Vietnam talent in general. It makes you see that even puppets and waters can make a difference in experiencing cultures and improving travel adventures.

Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre
55B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., D.1


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