Singapore Science Center, Jurong East

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Singapore Science Center

Singapore Science Center, Jurong East

Admit it. Learning is never as fun and as interactive as when you were kids. It’s different when you were kids. The whole “ignorance is bliss” holds true. But the good thing nowadays is that, though people are “more informed” with so many things, there are still ways to bring happiness in learning. One that is closer to the same level of enthusiasm and animation as kids. That’s where the Singapore Science Center comes in.

Singapore Science Center
Singapore Science Center
Singapore Science Center
Singapore Science Center

How to get to the Singapore Science Center 

This landmark is Singapore’s hub of everything smart and cool. There are so many webs of wonders that you can find here! From information, exhibition, galleries, events and interactive highlights, everything is innovative and interesting. It’s a big big - cool cool - smart smart place for tourists, families, friends, and school people to benefit from.

What to do and see in the Singapore Science Center 

If the public are allowed to enter astrophysics laboratories or NASA or all those top secret places for breeding new genetics and such, then there’s a slight chance that it would look something like this. The place is divided into different levels and areas.

Singapore Science Center Favorites

Level I is the “scientist for a day” level, wherein you get to learn and experience stuffs like: fire, house of blood, DNA lab, the mind’s eye, and the digital studio design. While next level is what they call the Mezzaine Level, focusing on: viruses. Last level, which is Level II, is centered on the mind-blowing robotics learning center and Newton’s Room. Now it’s time to release your inner Einstein.

In every aspect of the area, you’ll surely learn a thing or two. As revealed, learning here is fun and interactive as you see how kids do it too; in the same light, you are reminded of how it’s done properly.

The Science Center is not only for science people or for folks looking for fun and interaction. It’s a place for cool, ignorance, and bliss!

Address: 15 Science Centre Road Singapore 609081
Opening Hours: Daily: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Nearest MRT Station: Jurong East (Red / Green)

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