Jame Asar Hassanil Bulkiah - Brunei's Mosque Masterpiece

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Jame Asar Hassanil Bulkiah

Time is gold - what a perfect motto for such a perfect mosque. The Jame Asar Hassanil Bulkiah embodies the importance of the two most precious things known to man: time and gold. This opulent mosque is a byproduct of years and years of hard work and tons and tons of gold to have this built to such superlative state. It is in fact the largest and grandest mosque in the whole of Brunei, flawlessly representing the country’s rich Islamic heritage.

Viewing this from a far is sight to behold. Do you know that in Brunei, buildings and other skyscrapers are not allowed to be taller than mosques? It’s in their law. A sign of respect to their heritage. So, you’ll see how different mosques exude supremacy the skies and city scrappers. These are the ones that are the most beautiful, the most golden, the most intricate in design. Guaranteed, a show stopper. Even from a distance, the Jame Asar Hassanil Bulkiah is unassailable.

It’s a completely different myth-in-the-making once you see the Hassanil Bulkiah in full view. Near and tangible. Elaborate and golden. The outside exterior is perfection personified. The gates are branded with golden insignias and polished black poles. The walkway is quite long and unwinding, giving you a glimpse of Brunei trees, space, and anticipation. It’s a nice preparation for people to be ready for prayer and reflection. You’ll see gardens and fountains around the area too. A lot of areas are outside for prayer and meditation.

For the most part, the structure is embellished with gold – from the dome down to some details inside and outside the mosque. But, there are a lot of fascinating designs to catch too. You’ll see different kinds of tiles, patterns, and combinations. You’ll see tiled ceilings designed to look like starry skies. You’ll see geometric patterns designed to look like constellations. You’ll see different designs of stars. The color scheme and art integrated in the overall structure are just immaculate.

Once inside, you’ll finally realize that the golden dome above is just the tip of this iceberg of perfection. It’s impressive. Your perception of sacredness and cleanliness will be placed to an improved status. The prayer rooms and hallways, not to mention their staircases and wall motif are absolutely luxurious. The really treat their place of prayer to the highest level that they can possibly carry out. Makes you appreciate faith and culture. Makes you appreciate the different sides of religion and people. Makes you appreciate where you are, and what you’ve become because of this experience. Too bad the insides are for your eyes only as no photography and video recording are allowed.

After seeing it for all its worth, leaving the Jame Asar Hassanil Bulkiah is truly time well spent. It’s a travel experience like no other as it encompasses faith, culture, and people all at the same golden dome. Compared to other mosques around the city, or maybe even compared to the rest of Asia, the Jame Asar Hassanil Bulkiah is worth the trip.

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