The Hand Burger in Raffles

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The Hand Burger in Raffles

Let me put some emphasis on this: hands down, one of the best burgers in town would have to be the Hand Burger. You should try it at least once (hopefully more than that!) in your lifetime. These artisan burgers are just ridiculously amazing. From fresh taste, to spanking new presentation, and cozy-creative atmosphere, the Hand Burger is outstanding.

They have different burgers, poultries, sea foods, salads, kid-friendly foods, and desserts. There are more than a handful of bright choices to pick. Of course above all else, you should try their Hand Burger original burger first. 100% grass-fed prime beef, with cheddar, caramelized onion bun, and signature barbeque sauce - absolute nirvana!

What’s more, their food servings, well, more amazing – everything’s for sharing. Be it for families, for groups of friends, after office chat sessions, unpretentious first dates, the food serving shall serve to your advantage. This is a good fact since the wait time and long queue of people you’ll see in this place is outrageous. Better to order quickly and order right! But no worries, as everything tastes first-class. Guaranteed. Everything you’ll order should be fine. Tastes healthy and looks healthy, just like how they envisioned it to be. So next time you swing by Somerset or the Raffles City, be sure to point your hands and feet to this direction. One million thumbs up for these Hand Burgers!

The Hand Burger
313 Orchard Road #B2-17/18/19
313 @ Somerset Singapore
Tel:  +65 6509 6214      

252 North Bridge Road #B1-77/78
Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore
Tel: +65 6334 4577      

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