Tan Kim Seng Fountain

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Tan Kim Seng Fountain

Have you seen the Tan Kim Seng Fountain at the Esplanade Park area? Just like the Esplanade Theater, this one is just something. There’s something about it that’s very elite and riveting. It’s sits at a focal area of the park, where it keeps calm and going, very preppy and classic.  Probably because of the overall design, color, and construction, it looks like the ones you see in famous castles and places across Europe. The granites, marbles, and old school effect really are a sight to behold. The way it comes to life with the water and birds coming to play – just amazing. You’ll surely fall in admiration.

But, it’s not all design and splendor. It was actually built to commemorate Tan Kim Seng's contribution towards Singapore's first public waterworks. History here: Tan Kim Seng was a very illustrious public benefactor in Singapore in the nineteenth century. And for Tan Kim to earn a fountain in one of the most important areas known to Singapore is remarkable. Makes me want to contribute and commemorate? Yes! Or maybe, just want to sit and continue my undying admiration for this magnificent fountain, because it’s that immense of a masterpiece.

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