Gong Cha Milk Tea

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Gong Cha Milk Tea

A lot of my friends would attest that even before the gigantic-glorified hype and addiction of the rest of the world, I’m the self-proclaimed # 1 supporter of Gong Cha’s Milk Tea. Oh yea, watsup with that? For a non-tea drinker (and not a fan of milk), this is something surprising. The mix is refreshing and full. Amid the work stress, this is the ultimate epiphany, the sunnier sunshine, a sure de-stresser. Milk and tea, next to water, it’s a little healthier compared to other drinks. It has the right kind of sugar level, be it 50% or 100%, it sure was sweet and good. 100% is the way to go, by the way!

The caramel-colored tea tastes refreshing, especially since it has generous amounts of ice and coldness. And the mix of chewy auburn pearls is pure pleasure, bordering to addicting. Bubble Teas are so popular in Asia. There are actually so many favorites, flavors, and essentials to choose from. But Gong Cha’s signature will always be a personal favorite. It’s not over the top, with all the marketing, and packaging, and all that add-ons. It’s not extravagant, even if there’s so much hype going on with it. It just always has that simple-perfection kind of taste and feel. It speaks for itself – the ultimate de-stresser drink, without getting drunk or getting too fat.

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