Starbucks Chip Monster: One Monster Worth Having

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Starbucks Chip Monster
Been adding extra expense to my list ever since this chip monster completely revealed itself. Would never have thought that this cookie addiction would go this far. Honestly thought this is something that would gradually be forgotten once you exit childhood phase.

The Starbucks Choc Chip Monster Cookie is exceptionally tasteful. The size, shape, and extra cookie flavor are massive. DELICIOUS -- very moist and tender and chocolatey. When oven-warmed, you’ll see how the chocolate chips inside slowly spill out of the cookie - it neither crumbles too much, nor does it stays too stiff. It just is that cookie that is addicting.  Plus, when complimented with an iced caramel macchiato, ahh absolute café heaven. Your senses will breakdown to utmost relaxation mode - -you’ll feel laid-back and pensive and inspired. It’s like you’re messing with your childhood happy-cookie memories, but better: you reminisce the past, while experiencing the present. You get to experience the best of both worlds.  This is one monster worth having.

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