Signature Iced Mint Lemon Tea - Lena's Perfection

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Signature Iced Mint Lemon Tea - Lena's Perfection
Would never have imagined that there would be such a thing. Lena’s signature Iced Mint Lemon Tea is one of the most interesting iced teas you’ll ever taste. Interesting because for one, it really tastes like mint. And by mint, don’t mean the mentos-fresh-kind of mint.

It’s more like those mint herbal drinks that are aromatic, and really minty.  This 5 dollar drink is one big bucket of signature mint and lemon. At the topmost layer of the drink is full of floating layers of ice mixed with mentha. Then from there, you’ll see that it gradually changes from ice to tea, full of generous taste and value. It’s a not so new thing with a slight twist. This makes this drink original and something worth trying. To folks who’d prefer to order the same old, this one’s for you --- channeling some mint-fresh newness in your old treasured routines. Hoegaarden Cheers Every'all!

MOF My Izakaya & LENAS
1 Jurong West Central 2 Singapore 648886

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