Salmon is So Good

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Salmon is So Good
Maybe you’ve noticed, but there is something about Japanese food that is artistic and charismatic. Like this, for example. Imagine, these folks managed to bring the basics of food to a respectable level. In pre-historic times, uncooked food is the way to go. But soon after, when everything progressed, when everything became instant and fancy, food got elevated to a long and thorough process before you can identify it as tasteful. But good thing is that there are still some food that are, well, basic yet in good taste.

Salmon is one of the best uncooked sea food. If you’re a huge fan of anything underwater, including sea food and such, then this will surely be included in your list of top favorites. Shrimps and crabs are all good, but this one is undeniably favorite-worthy. There are little-to-zero theatrics in the presentation. Everything is left to the power of bare essentials: power of taste. Everything is all natural. Raw, cleaned, sliced. That’s it. But, guaranteed that the taste is excellent. Of course it’s not as simple as that – there is an art in the way things are prepared to perfection. From the way things are picked, cleaned, and presented, so no need to worry too much about the food negatives. And let’s not forget, salmon is also rich in high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D. Raw and healthy? Yes. Learning culture through food? Yes. Charismatic? Yes. So next time you are in search for some rawness and adventure in your food life, have a salmon.

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