Niko Niko Bento in Somerset

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Niko Niko Bento in Somerset
Japanese yearnings are starting to become extra interesting because of success stories like this one. The Niko Niko Bento, one of my favorite finds here in Signapore, offers wide selections of Japanese set meals for all the food lovers on all kinds of love-for-Japan food-levels. And for less than 10 SGD, it’s just more than worth it. The food is as authentic as it can get.

The Salmon and Takoyaki Balls combination is one clever combination. The fried salmon is cooked to harakiri perfection, enhanced with their original sweet yet slightly pepper-taste soy sauce. And how can we forget the generous flavored Takoyaki balls. As far as taste and achievement are concerned, these Takoyaki balls are as good as that of Gindaco, only they are shrunk to petite sizes so as not to overpower the Salmon. The taste is really good. Right softness, right octopus flavor, superrr flavor. And even without their signature mayo concocted dressing, it can stand and win your palette on its own. Of course, let’s not forget the soup that sealed the deal. The tang isn’t powerful enough to make you feel full or bloated, but it’s indeed more than enough to make you really enjoy your bento set.

Overall, this ingenious of a choice is worth the visit to 313 Somerset, Singapore. Niko Niko will definitely make you a JAPAN convert convert. Salmon and Takoyaki FTW!

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