Econ Bee Hoon - Nasi Lemak in Yew Tee

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Econ Bee Hoon - Nasi Lemak in Yew Tee
Weekend mornings are something to look forward to cos of this awesomely addicting breakfast: Nasi Lemak of Econ Bee Hoon. I’ve never been this addicted since Takoyaki. Would have to admit that this is probably the least exciting breakfast you’ll ever find around this area, since there are a lot of way way better choices and cuisines. But I also can't deny the fact that there’s something equally exciting about the taste and quality of this food.

What sets this apart from the rest of the Nasis and Lemaks out there are (almost certainly) the rice and chili elements. The rice is cooked from fresh coconut something, which is really so secret (?) and so tasty (!). You just have to try it to become a believer! It has the right amount of Japanese-like-sticky-feel and garlic-fried-like-sense, and the taste is crazy gooooood. And of course, mix it with the sweet-spicy-chili you have here and that’s a completely different story of satisfaction. For a non-chili person like me, the chili included in this Nasi Lemak is hands-down perfect. It gives the right kind of spice, one that is both interesting and assertive. Makes you sweat (a little) with a smile! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Rice and chili can nonchalantly make this Nasi Lemak stand out in itself, but of course the toppings make the taste more gaudy and enjoyable. The half-boiled-half-fried hotdog and the sunny side up are generous in adding more character to this meal. And of course let’s not forget nuggets and breaded fish, which gives the right kind of impulse to make this the best flavor Nasi Lemak team. For less than three dollars, you can feel utmost satisfaction for the rest of your waking weekend! HAHAHAHA 

So join me as we become Nasi converts.

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