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Thursday, January 05, 2012 , 1 Comments

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Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. LAME. Well, laugh all you want, but once you’re in that exact fork in your life, it’s a whole new different story. It really shakes you to the core of your entire being. Still call that lame It's timely and universal. 

Here’s a quick read:

Life stops for no one. And that means that sometimes we must risk the danger of this dark course over the safety and comfort of the present lightened way. We must risk all to gain all. Because to stay where we are gets us nowhere.

Many of us make the mistake of choosing comfort over possibility. You probably know people who keep jobs they hate, and relationships they resent, and the self they are ashamed of because they’re used to them.

Although these things may disappoint them, or anger them, or ruin them, at least their situation is familiar. At least it’s the disappointment they know, rather than the possibility they do not.

Whatever you choose and wherever you go, you must go with the faith that everything will be okay; that even though your decision may not work out as you planned, that at least you tried, at least you did it, at least you proved yourself willing to risk what you had for something more.

At least you chose action, where others can’t choose anything.

Change is not something to dread, but instead an occasion to look forward to. It’s an adventure, as all your journey has been and the rest of your journey will be.

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