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Gindaco Takoyaki in Ion Orchard

Monday, June 06, 2011 2 Comments Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo :: Singapore :: Gindaco Takoyaki in Ion Orchard

Gindaco Takoyaki – The Absolute Ultimate Crazy Best Takoyaki in Asia
I’ve been a Takoyaki critic ever since my taste buds tested its glands on this piece of edible octopus masterpiece; surprisingly, nothing has ever surpassed the mouth-euphoria yet. I have tried a lot of takoyakis, hoping that there would be something that would equal to the likes of Gindaco. But alas, nothing. Yet. Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo :: Singapore :: Gindaco Takoyaki in Ion Orchard

Well, I am neither a fan of Japanese food nor am an adventurist when it comes to food, so this comes as a surprise as well. I mean, for the love of food – octopus? Not at the top of my food list, right? And, seeing that it’s as big as a golf ball stuffed with oil and chunked greens and chopped tentacles – really, iffy. But, the constant long row of people lined up beside the Gindaco wants to send a different story – maybe, a happy satisfied octopus fan story! :-)

In Singapore, Gindaco offers 4 pieces or 6 pieces of pure delicious food. There’s not much drama in the food presentation: the container is as simple as a basic crayon. Even the stall is not grand: simple bright lights with basic signage about the Gindaco food. No flashy guards, no fancy chairs. But that’s just how it should be – a good focus on the takoyaki highlight. You can choose from either Leek and Cold Tempura sauce or Egg with Teriyaki sauce; but of course, the Egg with Teriyaki sauce is the ultimate ultimate ultimate best choice. The cold egg with some mayo-like linings on top compliments the fresh-off-the-pan hotness of the takoyaki balls. One bite is all it takes for you to be a convert (and maybe a takoyaki addict like me?). You will be able to taste the perfectly cut spring onions and little seaweeds. Its soft golden brown texture opens with so much ease; it’s not difficult to bite or chew it. Singapore Travel Blog Philippines Photo :: Singapore :: Gindaco Takoyaki in Ion Orchard

Then of course, the highlight. The tentacle goodness. The octopus surprise. The mollusk climax. It’s chewy, tasty, and very delicious. The sauce mixed with it and all the other ingredients just exudes the overall impact of the food = satisfaction bordering to addiction.  Best served with a cold beverage; tiger beer, maybe. It’s positively one food worth tasting. Ohh shoot, craving - hungry.


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