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Sounds like a repeat of what I paraded before, but really, what are the things that make a travel experience awesome and worth re-living. How can a thrifty travel experience or even a costly trip be as legendary and praiseworthy as it should be? Road trips, backpacking, overnights, cruises, out of the country visits – you name it, it all boils down to the quality. A travel experience is a collection of little great experience that comes along with it. It’s not a single thing. It’s one and two and yes, the rest of everything. And, to make those things matter would be the best thing to do. Bring some quality to it. Here’s my take on it.

The Hassles. 

Put the hassles into good use. Enjoy and make a good memory out of it, because no matter how everything seems to be well planned and okay, almost all travel experiences will reap some sort of hassle along the way (well, it’s guaranteed for sure). And no no, I’m not jinxing it. Let’s just keep it real.  I mean, it’s always there, whether it’d be as simple as a lost ball pen, a delayed flight, a creepy cab driver, or maybe as teeth-wrenching as getting your underwater camera broken. We can be optimistic about things, but nothing’s perfect. Hassles are there for a simple reason: to learn and to experience. Learning and experiencing something wouldn’t be as maximum as it could be if there’s no good feelings put to it. So next time you encounter a hassle, lighten up and learn from the experience. Take it in stride and make it a good memory to keep.

The Simple Pleasures. 

Aaaah, the simplest and most effective formula. With jam-packed itineraries and chock-full of travel wants, one should not fail to remember the simplest formula for making the travel experience work: find the simple pleasures and celebrate it. By simple, it means that it doesn’t have to involve an over-the-top setting or a sky’s-the-limit adventure. It doesn’t mean that money and extravagance are the only options. It means that getting beefed up with street food while enjoying the gentle fumes of the rural life would be considered a simple pleasure. It means that running and laughing and playing in the rain as one heads to the nearest shade could be believed as an effortless bliss. It means that doing nonsensical photo shoots or maybe even taking nonstop random photo shots of places and people could pass as a basic source of happiness. It means that stargazing in the middle of the night, with overflowing junk food and stories could add up to the whole priceless travel experience

The Spontaneity. 

This is sort of self explanatory. Even for the master planner, this is necessary. For the love of all things unplanned, every travel experience needs some sort of spontaneity to guarantee something memorable. This requires a little creativity and a lot of guts, but more or less, the impromptu the idea – the better. It’s always the spur-of-the-moment, the out of the blue, and the unscheduled things that count as something. If it could just be done; if it could just become a travel rule: every itinerary should have a part for spontaneity. 10AM – 12Noon: Location – Spontaneous! Friday, 4PM: OperationADHOC. hahahahaha really – that important. Spontaneous moments bring out a different side of life and color to the whole travel experience. Spontaneity is always legendddddddary!

The Talks. 

You’d think this is the easiest to remember and do, but no – a lot of times, we forget the value of good talk. Maybe because talk is cheap? Maybe. Here’s the thing, think about it: 5-4-3 wouldn’t be as successful as it should be without some form of acknowledgment. Without some form of talk. Every travel happening can become extra special with the right kind of talk. Those little honest-to-goodness open sessions, those sarcastic-yet-sure midnight talks, those travel seatmate discussions, those tired-but-still-talking walks --- all these things maybe cheap, but should be considered priceless as it opens up a distinct level of bond and good memories to keep.

The Awareness.

To quote smart folk, “sometimes, you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory” - having that sense of gratitude, awareness, and generosity on the things and moments happening are sure hit ways to solidify the “priceless-ness” of the travel experience. Gratitude in knowing that that moment is something to be thankful for; that that moment is special. Awareness in understanding that significance of that moment; triggers action and effort. Generosity in sharing patience in times of hassles, generosity in spreading laughs in simple pleasures, generosity in showing sense of spontaneity, and generosity in giving out invaluable words to every moment possible. 

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